It has

All the things you'd expect

See Your Sounds

Waveforms let you see your sounds as they were meant to be seen - in yellow, on a blue or gray background.

Drag and Drop

Simply drag in your sounds (even groups) and they will fill the keys like your favourite beer filling your favourite glass.

No Way to Undo Things

What, you think I'm a god damn wizard? Just be happy you can do the things you want to undo in the first place.

Sound Settings

Change when sounds start, when they end, loop them, color them, all those things you like.

But also

The things you didn't know you needed

Playlist search functionality



Oh boy you're going to like this one. Hit the space bar, and the next song in your playlist will start. Hit it again? The song stops and goes to the bottom of the list (or gets removed). The next song is now ready to play.

It's super useful for always having transition music ready, sounds you KNOW go in a certain order, or whatever else you want.

  • Totally searchable
  • Customizable settings
  • Looks nice, but not too nice
  • 100% vegan



No longer are you limited by your keyboard - have up to 8 keyboards of sounds available at the touch of a button. Just hit F1-F8 and all your sounds are there, just like my parents weren't.


You've convinced me!

Download Flask


  • Free forever!
  • Change sound start and end times
  • Apply fade in/out to sounds
  • One page for sounds
  • 20 song playlist limit
  • Playlist autoplay
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  • One-time payment
  • Change sound start and end times
  • Apply fade in/out to sounds
  • Eight pages for sounds
  • Unlimited playlist sounds
  • Playlist autoplay
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Flask is an open-source program developed and maintained periodically by Brandon Cathcart.

Flask is open-source. Submit a bug fix or feature and get the Pro version free!

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